Hi Everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to let the whole team know that we have a new Yammer channel for Product Development [link here]. If you know anything about me, I am not quick to embrace new “flavor of the day” software, but Yammer is a little different. First, there is an app for that. Yes, Yammer comes in app format from Microsoft so it works, and it works with our security and particular install as well. So you can more easily get updates on the phone you already know and love. It comes in iPhone, Android, and even that little used Windows Phone format. (sorry Microsoft) But you say, “Bob, we love your blog, you aren’t going to stop?” No, I will keep writing Bob’s blog internally, I will publicize and discuss some of the topics on Yammer.


When my communications team asked me to blog, it was in hopes that I would give really frequent updates, but my job doesn’t allow me to really blog daily and still be coherent, something kind of important in a leadership role, so Yammer will be a way to fill the gaps. The comms team will be posting a mix of news, information, and alerts through the new #DevCommsOne channel. If you follow no other Yammer channel, follow this one, it is where we are going to put out all the relevant news you need to know. Take advantage of notifications, and customise your preferences so you will receive notifications and alerts based on your needs and preferences.

Again, I hope you enjoy the new channel and remember social is a two way street, these comms tools only work if you let us know how useful or not they are. We always want to hear from you, just please keep it constructive.

Bob Manager-Man
Our Corp, Inc.