The thing about vacations

In our family strange things happen around vacations. The pattern started when we actually started taking vacations. Sounds strange but as a Webmaster in the Silicon Valley there were years there when you just didn’t go on vacation, either your startup was crazy busy and growing at an outrageous clip, or you were just too new at your current startup to go on one. So when things finally imploded and then settled down, we began to take the traditional vacation.

The funny thing is that we have notice a strange pattern around our vacation, we come back and do something big. One year we took a trip to Disneyland with our little one and when we got back home we bought our house. We had no plan to buy a house but when we returned from LA we just started looking for a house. After two other vacations we purchased new cars. This year we went to Hawaii, the picture in the header of this site is one my wife took on a movie tour, and so far so good, we have not done anything big and it is after Labor Day, phew!